Hello CircleNet Customers

I wanted to bring some news about CircleNet LLC. We have noticed over the last year an increasing number of local agencies starting to apply taxes/fees to VOIP services. We’ve been trying to work with each as they do this to make sure that we stay compliant but the varied nature and complexity of this is really mind boggling. This process has been very difficult for us because of the prepaid nature of our service.


We came to a realization about 2 weeks ago that we were spending much more time and money completing paperwork to stay compliant than we were actually working with technology. We don’t see this trend of increased regulation at the local level or federal changing anytime soon.


This  has led us to make a decision:


CircleNet will not be taking new customers for the VOIP business also we will take no further payments after 12/24/2016. We’ll continue operating the infrastructure until 12/30/2017 if there are customers still using it.


This only affects retail customers we will continue to provide wholesale VOIP services as is to companies with FCC499s in place, virtual servers, ISP services in our area and other tech services.


For information please email


Guys, thank you for what was a pretty cool time.